Are you in?

The yellow Klan is a growing one

Touching the sky

Fly on the wings of love

Tell us of Wonderland

Can the planet save itself? Sure just give her the right business model!

Webb is big in your cell

The development is exploding - don't get left behind. Call us.

We Love Gothenburg!

How could you not?

Våra hoods

Most creative hoods of Gothenburg

Happy Times

Back in the days

Logo work

Colorful collars to the world

Logo work

Boxing Typography

We Love Gothenburg!

How could you not?

Street music

Andra långdagen 2012

Stadens mest kreativa kvarter

Här verkar stadens bästa designbyrå

Kreativa kvarter

Uppvuxna bland streetart och poeter

Is your brand enough?

Thinking, listening, asking, growing.

GotEvent salescards

Playing with colors - this one did not make the cut.

Freak of Nature

When wolfie plays with the elephant.

Ullevi Pre Party

I am the result of a major arena rejection.

World Trade Alliance

Logo work. The jury couldn't quite decide which one to go for, so they let us go crazy with the logos here instead.

Come rain or shine


Melody Typography

Just a little rhythmic placeholder.

Corporate love

When Colors Come Together

A lovechild.

Memory in Alignment

Suggested logotype for a tech support company.


The artist, not Jesus' mother.


Pure crap, most of it.

Percy Barnevik

From board room to slum. Seriously. He runs an aid organization now.

We Love Gothenburg!/h1>

How could you not?

Make up Makeup

Proposed logo for hair and makeup brand.

Digital Human Connections

Suggested brand identity for a tech company.

The Process

Memory Blocks

Alternate logo for tech company.

Gothenburg Horse Show

A little barnyard fun. This is how the logo work went down.

The Workshop Image

Your local bike shop just got a visual upgrade.

European Youth Capital

Some of the work we did for them. Sadly, it never saw the light of day.

Digital Anarchy

Design suggestions for European Youth Capital in Gorhenburg 2015.

The Box

They tell you to think outside the box. This is our box.